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European Symposium on Occultation Projects
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
August 19th-23rd, 2016

We are pleased to invite members, friends and others who are interested in occultation phenomena to attend the 35th European Symposium on Occultation Projects (ESOP) which will take place at the University of Surrey, UK.

ESOP is a forum for all people interested in any aspect of occultation science including prediction, observation, recording, reduction, instrumentation, techniques, lunar geodesy, and outreach. All types of occultations are covered: lunar total and grazing, asteroidal, planetary, planetary satellite and solar eclipses (Baily's Bead phenomena). "European" covers all of Europe, and we cordially invite participants from elsewhere. ESOPs are held annually in a different European country each year. Some countries have hosted the Symposium on several occasions now. Otto Farago has documented a history of ESOP.

The Symposium language is English.

The International Occultation Timing Association / European Section (IOTA / ES) is a not-for-profit scientific organisation with about 150 active members. Its aim is to promote the prediction, observation and analysis of occultations and eclipses. Professional groups and observatories are acknowledged for their astrometric updates and improved ephemerides.


BOK+BOK The Milky Way 1941

"Our eyes are our first tools. The sky lies open before us, for astronomy is an observational rather than an experimental science. But our eyes are weak and forgetful and therefore we build telescopes, which can gather more light, and cameras, which make permanent records."


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